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(IN) Santiago

For a classic tour of the city we recommend visiting the tourist office; there you’ll find everything you need, whether it’s an audio-guide, buying a good publication or obtaining a simple map in order to wander around. These are our suggestions...

  • Very close to the hotel, we provide a creative vision of the city with two areas that you must visit. 

                         * The Bonaval area, which combines the contemporary architecture of Alvaro Siza (Pritzker Architecture Prize) in the form of the CGAC (Galician Contemporary Art Centre) with the convent and church of San Domingos de Bonaval that houses the Museo do Pobo Galego (ethnographic museum) and its garden, which catches everyone’s attention, with one of Chillida’s sculptures in the middle and prepared for resting on its green lawns. The former cemetery beside it also stands out, since visitors use it as part of the park.

                         * Facing further south, we head towards Galeras Park and Finca do Espiño, featuring a national architecture prize-winning project such as La Vaquería de López. We continue on to the park called Música en Compostela, where we can enjoy green spaces combined with contemporary architecture in the Auditorio de Galicia (Cano Lazo) and the Faculty of Journalism (Siza Vieira), passing through Vista Alegre Park, combining a colonial-style house with architectures by Antón García Abril and César Portela in a curious contrast, with four buildings designed by both of them, each of which has its own eye-catching features.


  • With regard to shopping, we recommend A Reixa, with the possibility of buying music, trending clothes with a hipster touch by well-known world brands. Another option is visiting the Niki or Rei Centolo shops, if you want to buy a T-shirt with Rosalía de Catro’s photo in Marilyn Monroe style, an Andy Warhol painting or other “Galifornian” designs featuring typical Galician humour.
  • In relation to gastronomy, “Moure” options include going out for a few wines in the area of Rúa de San Pedro, perhaps the city’s most creative neighbourhood, in the O Dezaseis or A Moa. If you want to eat while enjoying a DJ session paired with international cuisine (French, Asian) with a Galician touch, the Resas is the place for you. Abasto 2.0 in the middle of the Plaza de Abastos (food market), market cuisine “without a fridge” on a single table for a maximum of 12 people; this is undoubtedly the place for the “Moure” client since something different takes place every day.
  • For a good “Gin Tonic” you have to visit Barra Atlántica, with quality gins in the barrel that make for a real experience, or the spectacular cocktail bar of Vaová.
  • La Flor and Hervor e Fervor are popular places near the hotel where you can have a coffee, aperitif or eat.


Shopping guide, designer spaces, contemporary art galleries and a gastro route that will make your stay in Santiago rush by. Discover here the places that you must visit and try.